Sunday School Ministry

Gen Next Sunday School Class

Generation Next Sunday School Class

Our Sunday School Ministry program primarily meets on Sunday mornings and is traditionally the discipleship arm of the church. We meet at 10:00 am. In addition to Sunday mornings our adults and children meet each Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm for a time of Bible study as well. For additional information about our discipleship ministry, you may email us at


CHILDREN (10:00 am)
  • Nursery – PreK
  • K – 5th Grade    
YOUTH (10:00 am)
  • 6th – 12th Grade    
GEN NEXT (10:00 am)
  • Are you a member of Generation X? Meet in the basement of the Youth House for Sunday School.
ADULTS  (10:00 am)
  • Jimmy Halford Class for older adults. Meet in the Fellowship Hall.
  • SWAT Team for senior adults. Meet in the classroom in the back of the Sanctuary.